Monday, May 26, 2014

Dinner at Whiski Bar in Edinburgh, UK

My dad selected Whiski Bar for dinner because they have live music each night.  When we arrived it was 9pm and no live music yet, but that was good because we got to enjoy our meal and talk before crazy loud bagpipes and singing.  Not to say that the music wasn't good, because it was, just saying it was nice to have a meal where we could hear.  I didn't think I would be even able to eat dinner because lunch was so filling, but somehow managed despite the heaviness of it all.  Again, a great traditional Scottish meal.  And more Thistly Cross Cider, though this one was less easy to go down.

My Thistly Cross Strawberry Cider and my mom's Appletiser - sparkling apple juice

This was very sweet and little much to drink with a full meal

Light and bubbly.  Opposite of difficulty as mine

Spicy Tiger Prawns - pan fried in a spicy sauce and served with crusty bread.  Super delicous and tasted almost like a lobster chowder but with shrimp and just a tad bit of spice.

My dad's Fish and Chips - battered haddock, chips, peas, and chunky tartar sauce

My steak and ale pie - scottish beef marinated in a special ale gravy served with fries and seasonal vegetables.  I was a bit surprised that the meat wasn't IN the pastry but was basically a deconstructed pie

A shot of the plate with pastry on the side.  Don't get me wrong - it was delicious and I think less heavy because the flaky pastry was on the side.  It was just surprising.  I finished nearly the entire plate though minus a few chips

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