Monday, May 26, 2014

Lunch at the Royal Deck Tea Room on the Royal Yacht Brittania in Edinburgh, UK

We had quite the busy day and didn't end up eating lunch til about 4pm because we were running around doing everything planned for the day except eating.  Fortunately we had that hearty breakfast to tide us over.  We kind of sped through the tour of the Royal Yacht so we could make it to the Tea Room before closing, and good thing because it was a great meal.  I just heart scones and clotted cream so that's what I ate, plus their spiced chips were amazing along with the garlic aioli.  My parents' sandwiches were fine too but the scone and chips took the cake for me.

Cappuccino - beautifully blended

Scone with jam and clotted cream.  I could eat this all day.  Also the scone was giant about the size of a hamburger.

Shetland oak smoked salmon sandwich with lemon, cracked black pepper cream cheese on wholemeal bread.  With cullen skink soup and smoked paprika potato wedges.  The potato wedges were the best part of this.

My dad's Ayrshire honey roasted ham, tomato, and grainy mustard sandwich on  white bread.  Plus Ayrshire smoked ham hough and pea soup and smoked paprika potato wedges

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