Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lunch at the District of Pi in Washington, DC

First meal in DC for wedding weekend was gluten-free pizza at The District of Pi.  The salad appetizer was actually my favorite part of the meal.  It tasted so fresh and healthy and was a great way to start off the meal because it made me eat less pizza.  The pizza itself had great toppings.  Decent crust, though honestly I thought Domino's gluten free crust is better eeep.  But still solid effort.
Kale-fornication: Tuscan kale, sprouted quinoa, pickled red onion, toasted chickpeas, toasted almonds, grape tomatoes.  Instead of buttermilk dressing got raspberry vinaigrette.  The whole thing was AMAZING.  Plus pizza dough bread on the side.

Maplewood pizza - mozzarella, house-made spicy Italian sausage, cherry peppers, fontina and fresh basil.  Loved the combo of cheeses and meat plus the fresh basil on top.  Each bite was delish.

Grove pizza - mozzarella, volpi sopressata, red chilies, fresh oregano, spicy tomato sauce.  I liked this slightly less because it was a little bit spicy for me liking.  Fresh ingredients and great taste though

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