Monday, May 26, 2014

Dinner at Jimmy Chung's in Edinburgh, UK

Actually I lied and we had one more meal in Edinburgh that I forgot to mention, but maybe because it was so horrendously bad I was trying to forget.  After a 12 hour trip to Loch Ness we came back to Edinburgh and it was raining - for once true Scottish weather.  There was a Chinese buffet right by the bus station and after all the heavy food we had it seemed like a nice change.  This was downright the worst Chinese food I've ever had.  Add that it was a buffet and I still couldn't find anything good or memorable and you have some sad Chinese food.  The only green food was some raw cucumber and terribly sauced broccoli.  Majority of the other food was fried and you couldn't really differentiate it.  Even the dessert was bad!  They used fresh bananas in a fritter instead of plaintains.  Shame shame.  But I guess in Europe they might have a lower standard for Chinese food.  I wasn't fooled though.

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