Monday, May 26, 2014

Dinner at the Doric in Edinburgh, UK

Our final real meal in Edinburgh was at the Doric, which is apparently the oldest gastropub in Edinburgh. We were almost and hour late for our reservation and the kitchen was about to close, but they kindly stayed open and delivered one of our best meals.  It was a ton of food and very heavy, but again very delicious.
The last flavor of Thistly Cross Cider I tried - whisky cask!  By far my favorite of all of them

Slow braised lamb shank with honey and thyme roasted root vegetables, creamy mash, and a Sangiovese red wine sauce.  The meat was fall-off-the-bone tender

Baked whole Seabass Dressed in a Provencal dressing of garlic, rosemary, tomato and basil, served with baby potatoes.  My mom got this and we were all surprised that all the bones were there because usually only Filipinos enjoy that ha

Char grilled Veal Chop marinated and served with gratin dauphinoise potatoes and topped with a winter vegetable casserole.  The meat was so tender and delicious but the creamy sauce on top made it pretty heavy.  Potatoes and root veggies were wonderful though very filling

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