Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dinner at R&L Lounge in San Francisco, CA

Being that I love Asian food and also wanted some fresh seafood, we decided to go to R&L Lounge in Chinatown, which is known for its dungeness crab preparation.  Little did we know that this crab dish is big enough for four people haha.  Plus we ordered app and another dish.  OH WELL.  Looks like we just had to food coma hard.  Eating this crab, while super delicious, was a lot of work.  I guess the time spent cracking everything open was like a mini work-out in itself haha.  Not enough to make up for the pounds of deep fried crab we ate, but makes me feel a little bit better.

Giant serving of deep fried dungeness crab.  Words cannot express how good it was.  There was also tons of fried garlic bits.  Yummy.

Salmon and avocado egg rolls.  Tasty but unnecessary

Aftermath of crab

House special beef dish.  Very delicious.  Reminded me of Filipino beef tapa/pork tocino because had a jerky-like texture and was a bit sweet

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