Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dinner at The Tadich Grill in San Francisco, CA

For some real seafood and to celebrate our anniversary, Dan and I went to The Tadich Grill, another Bourdain recommendation.  The restaraunt is very old school, with only old white men as waiters in white coats.  The place also doesn't take reservations, which I guess is egalitarian but can be unnerving.  Fortunately they had a large counter as well where you could eat, and in only 15 minutes or so we were seated.  The service was really great and all the food was dynamite.  Considerating there was no meat meat, we food coma-ed super hard afterwards.  Like could not move or do anything.  So glad we got to try real SF cioppino though.  The food was also reasonably priced, though Dan tipped veryy well because the service was so great.

Octopus Salad - giant portion of sliced up cooked octopus with ginger and other things that I can't remember.  Nice and light though a large portion.  Plus garlic bread, which was delicious

Chilean sea bass with a jumbo prawn in a lemon sauce, rice, and steamed veggies including brussel sprouts.  Very delicious and rich.  Fish was melt in your mouth

Seafood Cioppino with Garlic Bread - apparently the best cioppino in all of SF and I believe it.  Seafood stew with clams, prawns, scallops, bay shrimps, crabmeat, mussels, and white fish in a tomato based sauce.  So much seafood in there.

Another shot of the cioppino.  Also the garlic bread was amazing

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