Sunday, August 28, 2016

Brunch at Queenstown Public House in San Diego, CA

We had another delicious brunch at Queenstown Public House in Little Italy.  The place is New Zealand inspired and looks like it's straight out of Stars Hollow from the tv show Gilmore Girls.  Food was amazing and definitely good after a night out.  Very rich and afterwards, all I wanted to do is lay and lounge, which is exactly what we did.
The Cure - housemade biscuit, gravy, tots, scrambled eggs, and fried chicken.  Insanely rich and good.  Had to get the gravy on the side otherwise wouldn't have made it through as much as I did.  Lots leftover

Pooja also got The Cure

The Oink - jalapeno corn bread, hoisin pulled pork, poached eggs, jalapeno cayenne hollandaise sauce, and garlic kale.  Sus took one for the team and it was delicious, esp the corn bread

Debbie got the Double BLT with egg -double amount of bacon, butter lettuce, tomato on sourdough, dijonaise, cheese, side of grits

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