Sunday, August 28, 2016

Dinner at Smorgasburg Seaport in NYC

Dan and I finally made it to Smorgasburg by South Street Seaport in Manhattan.  We still haven't been to the big one in Brooklyn, but glad to start small.  There were only a few vendors at this one but we got to try a few places I've been wanting to try - including Lumpia Shack and Red Hook Lobster Pound.  It was super quick getting our food and there space inside for seating was huge.  I just wish there were even more options because it's nice to be able to try so many different things on one trip.
Brisket Sandwich from Fletchers BBQ.  Tasty but I prefer my brisket in thick slices versus shredded/pulled.  That banana pudding on the bottom was delicious

Lobster Roll Tuscan Style - chilled lobster tossed in basil-lemon vinaigrette.  Very tasty but wished it were larger

Bowl with cold rice noodles, pork skewers, veggies and side of lumpia.  Nice and fresh, very similar to Vietnamese food.  But the bbq and lumpia themselves were just okay.  My lumpia is def better 

Tasty drinks from the bar

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