Sunday, August 28, 2016

Dinner at Noreetuh in NYC

Dan and I went back to Noreetuh for another delicious Restaurant Week dinner.  The food was amazing though we ordered extra (beyond the RW deal) so we were both stuffed afterwards.  Pretty much loved everything and am soo excited to go back to Hawaii this fall.
Truffle Taro Chips - not part of RW but went so well with the various poke we got for RW

Corned Beef Tongue Musubi with cilantro and peanuts - still the best musubi we've ever had

Big-eye tuna poke - with macadamia nuts, pickled jalapenos, and seaweed.  So delicious and was great with the taro chips

Shrimp poke : cucumber, wasabi, pearl onion yuzu - I didn't love this quite as much I think because had a mayo-y taste

Kahlua Pork Cavatelli with pickled cabbage and parmigiano reggiano - surprising flavors because the pork was a bit sweet.  Overall I liked it more than the other pasta dish but was a bit confusing

Mentaiko Spaghetti with smoked butterfish, aonori and chili.  Definitely unique but the flavor combo was a bit confusing.  Maybe too sophisticated for my taste buds

King's Hawaiian Bread Pudding with rum raisins and pineapple ice cream.  We got this last time and it was delicious but my dessert below is the star

Chocolate Haupia Sundae with almonds, graham cracker and coconut ice cream.  Perfect.  The haupia tastes kind of like a chocolate custard/pudding.  The crackers have a bit of salt and the other pieces add perfect crunch and different textures.  The ice cream is also perfect

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