Sunday, August 28, 2016

Dinner at Queens International Night Market in Corona, NY

We trekked out to Corona for the Queen's International Night Market.  There were maybe 20 vendors there?  Thought there would be more but I think if there were more, it would've been too overwhelming.  There was a pretty heavy variety of Asian vendors, which being that we were in Queens, is not surprising.  Tried a lot of different things and everything was under $5 which was great.  Won't lie, it was pretty hot that night and by the end of a few games of Cornhole, we were all pretty drenched in sweat.  Glad we came, but maybe better to come back in October when it's not 90+ degrees out.
Squid Skewers at Mama Food - great grilled squid.  She asked if we wanted spicy and I said yes, and whatever she put on it made those pieces BURN.  In a good way though

Takoyaki (octopus balls) from Karl's Balls - not my fav dish but well prepared.  Long lines there normally

Duck Bao from C Bao - delicious

Pork Belly Bao from C Bao - also amazing.  Loved the peanut crunch

Panda Bubble Tea from Panda Cafe - so kewt

Pork Belly skewer from Teinei Ya - good but not super memorable

Two chicken kati roll wraps, one spicy and one not (though both were kinda spicy) from Kati Roll Shack

Tostones Nachos - chicken, sofrito, guacamole, sour cream and cheese

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