Sunday, August 28, 2016

Lunch at Ocean Pacific Grille in San Diego, CA

Our first meal on our ladies trip in San Diego was at a delicious Asian fusion place in Gaslamp.  The website intrigued me because there were various Filipino dishes, though not traditional, more modern interpretations.  All the food was delicious but we were so full that it was hard to eat dinner.
The Midway Calamansi Margarita - sauza blue tequila, fresh calamansi juice, organic agave, and triple sec. So refreshing but stronggg

Pork Longanisa Sliders with citrus aioli on pan de sal bread - so delicious.  Meat was wonderful and loved it on the pan de sal bread.  Delicious crispy fries

Tocino Tater Tots with cheese sauce and pico de gallo - def a filipino/american mash-up.  Only wish was that there was more tocino on top

Both Debbie and Pooja got the Ahi and Salmon Poke Bowls.  Delicious and fresh tasting

OPG Seafood Bowl with grilled octopus, seared salmon, and calamansi soy sauce.  Excellent grilled flavor and marinades.  Very filling and a large portion

Susie got the Hoisin Glazed Pork Belly Bao Buns with house pickled sweet peppers and fresh cilantro.  Looked delicious!

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