Sunday, August 28, 2016

Dinner at Orale Mexican Kitchen in Jersey City, NJ

Dan and I went to Orale after meeting Amy Schumer at a book signing at Word Bookstore.  We hadn't been there in awhile and were pleasantly surprised that the menu had changed a bit.  Lots more options so we tried some new things.  Everything was delicious but we got full pretty quickly so we took lots of leftovers home, which tasted delish the next day.
Barbacoa Pork Nachos - house made BBQ pork, yellow habanero salsa, smoked gouda, black beans, radish, crema and pico de gallo.  Delicious but super filling 

Barbecue Brisket - slow cooked and dry rubbed brisket, chipotle cola bbq sauce, corn on the cob, smoked gouda grits, cole slaw, and tajin spiced watermelon.  Everything was delicious and went so well together.  The brisket was tasty though portion looked small, but was so flavorful and the meat just melted apart.  The grits were also incredible - best grits I've ever had.  I usually don't love grits but was a perfect complement to the brisket.  The corn was the only ehh thing. 

Had to get our usual Machin tacos - roasted bone marrow with crispy pork belly and shredded cabbage

Beans and rice.  Delish and I think came with the tacos?  Not totally sure though, but was a pleasant surprise

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