Sunday, August 28, 2016

Lunch at Bareburger in Forest Hills, NY

My co-workers and I took our intern out for lunch at Bareburger.  As usual the food was delicious, but was thrilled to find some kind of healthy options despite the place being really known for various meats/burgers.  Lots of delicious menu options and this was the first time I found a wrap substitute that I legitimately enjoyed.
Macho Fries - guacamole, pepper jack, spicy pico de gallo, pickled jalapenos, buttermilk ranch.  Lots going on but all worked well together.  We shared so I didn't feel too gross

My Honey Hot Chicken - buttermilk fried chicken, brussel slaw, grilled pineapple, hot honey with crispy lotus root.  The kicker is that instead of the bun I got it in a collard green wrap which I LOVED.  It was so sturdy and held the chicken (which was super juicy) so well

Falafelwraptor - fava falafel, feta, spicy pico de gallo, alfafa, cucumbers, pickled red onion, lemon tahini dressing on collard green wrap.  Two of my co-workers got it and really enjoyed it

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