Sunday, April 6, 2014

Breakfast at Founding Farms in Washington, DC

For breakfast before I left DC, Lauren took me to Founding Farmers, which seems really awesome and super popular.  It was packed when we got there at around 9:30 a.m.  Soo many things on the menu that I wanted to try but couldn't all at once.  Definitely going to come back in May.  Although they did mess up my order (gave me scrambled eggs instead of over easy, and multi grain bread instead of ciabatta), the food I ate was so delicious that I can forgive it.  Had I not been in a rush to go I would have requested it fixed, but just gives me things to try next time.

Drag through the Garden Pan Scramble - pan scrambled egg whites, roasted seasonal vegetables, spinach, and white cheddar cheese, with side of shredded leek hash browns, and multi-grain toasted.  Lauren got this and she says it's one of her usual orders.  Looked pretty healthy and fresh.

Founding Farmer's Breakast with Bacon - two eggs scrambled (although ordered over easy), black pepper maple glazed bacon (I upgraded over regular bacon), shredded leek hash browns, and multi-grain toasted (in lieu of ciabatta).  Although I was initially upset about the eggs, I think it may have been better because the bacon was really the star of the shoe with the hash browns a close second.  The leeks made the hash browns taste really different, and the bacon was so thick and both delightfully pepper-y and sweet.  Definitely would order this again

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