Friday, April 25, 2014

Dinner at Jeepney in NYC

For my belated actual birthday dinner out, Dan took to me Jeepney, the Filipino gastropub sister/brother to Maharlika just a few blocks over on 1st Avenue.  Despite the fact that the restaurant is full of naked Filipina pin-ups, I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to come here.  Though if you have never had Filipino food I don't know if you would have a great sense of the more traditional, simpler foods.  This is a definitely a hipster-fied restaurant with creative takes on traditional dishes.  So since we've had a lot of Filipino food in our lives it was awesome to see new spins on familiar dishes.  We were SO full though and kind of felt bad we had indulged in so much fatty, meaty goodness.  Still, totally worth it.

Delicious drinks.  (L) Sangria with fresh fruit and chocolate spices.  (R) Can't remember name of this drink but had ilegal mezcal, calamansi honey, chipotle and other things that I'm forgetting.  It was super refreshing with a nice kick

Batangas Bone Marrow - roasted bone marrow, garlic rice and patis (fish sauce).  I don't know if people in the Philippines actually eat this, but f-ing genius.  Soft garlic rice with actual garlic crisps, bone marrow, and a little fish sauce. Soo rich and sinfully good.
Sisig Tacos - pig ears, snout, cheek, belly, garlic, bird`s eye chili, red onions, kalamansi, cilantro and avocado crema.  Normally I'm not a huge fan of sisig (skillet cooked pig's face and other parts) because I don't like some of the gelatinous texture.  However, here they cooked all the diff pork parts so they were crisp.  Plus that avocado crema!  Some of the best tacos I've ever eaten, and I loved that they used blue corn.

Closer shot

Top 5 tacos ever consumed by HP

Chicaron Bulaklak - crispy ruffle fat.  Pretty sure this was chicken, which means we started our dinner with beef fat, pork fat, then chicken fat hahaha

Finally, Bicol Express - Slow roasted pork shoulder in coconut milk, sili and bagoong sauce with Vigan longganisa, pickled chilis and baby bok choy. Served with rice.  Really delicious but different than past Bicol Express I've had in that there was no pork skin like lechon which is usually used, but there was tender pork under that blanket of sauce.  So delicious but we were pretty full.  The bok choy was a nice addition to cleanse a little.

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