Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Home-made Zucchini Pasta

Dan purchased this awesome vegetable spiralizer (not sure what the word is) on Amazon after we read some HuffPo article about fun, different ways to cook and eat vegetables.  The spiralizer is amazing and so easy to use.  We used one medium/large zucchini for the two of us and it took probably one minute for him to crank out all the noodles.  Then he added it to a saute pan filled with pasta sauce he had made a few days prior (ground beef, tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, mushrooms, herbs) and also added fresh cherry tomatoes and kale.  Except for the beef it was super healthy, but really the meat was lean so overall a good idea.  I was pretty full too considering there were no carbs.  I liked the crunch of the zucchini skin as we didn't peel it.  Next time though perhaps we can cook it a little longer to achieve a more pasta like texture. 
Just cut zucchini "spaghetti'.  So colorful and bright.  Makes me happy just looking at it

Final plate.  Restaurant quality in my humble opinion :)

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