Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lunch at Macbar in NYC

Post donuts we had real lunch, and went to Macbar in the Village.  It took awhile for the food to arrive, and the place itself was pretty small so got crowded very soon after we got there, but I was generally very happy w/my choice.  I enjoyed mine a little more than Risheen's - not sure if it was because of the cheese or the meat, but I highly recommend the Mac Quack.  Still need to try Smac though.

Not the best shots, but Carbonara (pancetta, peas, and parmigiano) on top, and Mac Quack (duck confit, fontina, caramelized onion and fine herbs) on bottom.  the meat was definitely better in the Quack, and I though the cheese was less harsh as well.  Was definitely full about half-way through but I powered through a little more haha

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