Sunday, April 6, 2014

Snack at Doughnut Plant in NYC

Pre-lunch and being in the Chelsea area, I took Risheen to Doughnut Plant because I've recently been craving some unique donuts.  It was totally worth it because both doughnuts were delicious, though we agree that yeast donuts are much better than cake ones, as the former as lighter, fluffier, and make you feel less gross.  I also think that all the cake ones I've tried have been sooo much sweeter so that you don't even enjoy the flavor because all you can think about is the sugar overload. 

Coffee Cake donut on left, and Meyer Lemon yeast donut on the right.  The coffee cake was tasty but soo much heavier than a Drake's coffee cake, and inside was some kind of cream that was like an extra shot of sugar.  The Meyer Lemon was awesome, basically like a glazed donut with lemon.  They also have a Meyer Lemon cake donut, and the worker originally gave us that by mistake.  When Risheen brought it back she gave us the yeast version without extra charge and without taking back the wrong donut.

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