Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lunch at Mighty Quinn's BBQ in Clifotn, NJ

My dad wanted to go back to Mighty Quinn's for lunch so he, my mom, Dan and I went back.  We got some new things (or new variations of things we've tried) so now only have a couple of things left on the menu to try, including the Brontosaurus Rib.  I like having reasons to come back to delicious places though.

Brisket sandwich with complimentary vinegar coleslaw and pickled cucumbers and chilis.  Brisket was as great as last time, super moist and nice combo of lean and fatty meat.  The bread was a little too dense for my liking.  I like bread that gives in more easily haha.  The chilis were supremely hot.  I only ate on.  Cucumbers were nice and refreshing and I put them on my sandwich.  Slaw was great too.  I like that they have a non-mayo, vinegar option.

Sides of Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple & Pecans, and Buttermilk Broccoli Salad with Bacon and Almonds.  We got the sweet potato casserole last time too and it has great flavor and texture, but too sweet for me to eat a ton of.  The buttermilk broccoli sandwich was delicious and something I would prob order everytime from now on.  Great combo of sweet, salty, and crunchy.  I like to think it's healthy even though it's drenched in buttermilk plus bacon.  Woops.

My mom's pulled pork sandwich.  So much pork.  She took half of it off and had a nice sized sandwich still.  Meat is also super tender and flavorful.  Confirms my conclusion from last time that one should order either brisket or pulled pork.

Spicy wings.  Dan got these and liked them but he's also got a much higher tolerance for spice than me.  He also said the pickled celery was spicy.  Mighty Quinn's certainly is not shying away from spicing things up.

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