Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dinner at La Conguita in Jersey City, NJ

To celebrate Kavita's birthday some law ladies and I went to La Conguita in Jersey City.  It's one of the always reliable, always affordable, and never crowded restaurants in JC.  The food itself is always delicious and the portions are huge so generally have enough for lunch the next day.  I didn't bother taking a pic of my dinner (pernil with plaintains and rice and beans) because I get it so often that it's been featured on this blog numerous times, but it's still only $9 and provided me generous leftovers.  Also pitchers of sangria are $20.  They are also gigantic and seem to yield never ending glasses.  No one should ever go to any other Cuban restaurant in JC (ahem Hard Grove Cafe).

Tamarind Pork Ribs w/plaintains and rice (and beans not pictured).  Kavita seemed to really enjoy it and the rib I tried had a nice sweet flavor

Mariscos Enchilados - seafood in red sauce.  Included mussels. shrimp, scallop, onions and peppers.  Laura's selection.  Everything looked really good and tasted fresh

Bistec de Palomilla - Top Sirloin Steak.  Jess seemed to really enjoy this

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