Friday, June 3, 2016

Breakfast at Dominique Ansel Bakery in NYC

Dan and I did something we swore we'd never do - got up crazy early to get in line for cronuts!  We got there like 7:10am or so.  Line opens at 7am.  Store opens at 8am.  We were like 6th in line haha.  Never again will I do this because it's just so insane, and wouldn't you know but we both thought the cronuts were too sweet and didn't enjoy it that much!  We each got two (the max amount) and could barely finish one.  We both love sweets but it was too much.  They should've NOT filled the inside because the croissant donut itself was great and would've been awesome just with sugar, but filling inside and frosting outside was like sugar overload.  Team DKA all the way.
Burnt Vanilla Smoked Caramel Cronuts with black sugar.  Some other sweet delightful pastry in the back hah

Looks beautiful just too much sugar.  Take out the filling! I'm sure I'll inspired hatred for these comments but it was too much stuff happening

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