Friday, June 3, 2016

Dinner at The Archer in Jersey City, NJ

Dan and I tried a new cocktail bar for dinner - The Archer, which has a game theme.  By game I mean deer and elk, not uno or cards.  Very dark and dim lighting and relaxed almost speakeasy style.  The menu and walls were chock full of meat.  The food we got was delicious and unique, though the menu is limited and not super healthy.  Worth a repeat visit for sure though, as the cocktails themselves were awesome and the place reminded me of various places within NYC.
Pretzel and beer cheese - archer beer cheese, parsley, and maple dijon.  The pretzel was a lot bigger than this photo.  Liked having two sauce options.  I think I liked the cheese more but also enjoyed the maple dijon

Duck Poutine - duck confit, wisconsin curd, pomme frites, gravy, and soft boiled egg.  Everyone knows i LOVE poutine but again where are my curds!  Even assuming this was wisconsin curd, i don't want it melted, i want it chunky which sounds gross but is the whole magic of poutine!  Still delicious esp the duck confit with it

Wild Boar Sloppy Joe - slaw, pickled cucumber, smoked tomato, crisp shallot, fried sage, and brioche.  Super unique and delicious and shockingly not too heavy.  Full disclosure - this was my first ever sloppy joe because I used to find ground meat disgusting (I'm fine with it now) but this was wonderful and very well presented (as in, not just a sloppy runny mess).  Overall the food was great and I wasn't disgustingly full.  Still other things on the menu we wanted to try but we didn't want to order too much

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