Friday, June 24, 2016

Dinner from Deccan Spice in Jersey City, NJ

We ordered take-out from a new Indian restaurant in JC because the yelp reviews noted they had some great cauliflower/gobi manchurian, which I believe we all loved at Kavita's wedding.  Fortunately this was the right dish and all the food we got was delicious, with some definite heat.  I felt bad not ordering from Rasoi, almost like betrayal, but unfortunately they do not have this delicious cauliflower dish on their menu.  They may at the buffet but still haven't made it to that.
Samosa with 

Gobi Manchurian on top, and Butter Chicken.  Both were delicious.  The gobi tasted a bit like General Tso's and the butter chicken had great flavor and the chicken was super tender.  Didn't get a great shot of the actual chicken

Goat curry - big chunks of tender goat in a nice spicy sauce

Naan - nice and fluffy

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