Friday, June 3, 2016

Lunch at Ajo del Pais in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

For lunch we went to a place called Garlic County - Ajo del Pais.  The inside reminded me a lot of the Philippines - no AC, open window, and very tropical/beachy looking.  Service was ehhh but food was delish!  We finally got to try this sandwich known as La Tripleta which as you can guess has three meats.  I think it's supposed to be pork, beef and chicken but sometimes you get multiple pig type meats like pork and bacon.  This one was delicious and we shared it along with an arepa, which was different than the Venezulean kinds I am used to.
La Tripleta - massive sandwich with beef, chicken adn pork with lettuce, tomato, mayo and side of shoestring potato sticks.  The best

Arepa de churrasco - Fried wrapper with skirt steak and lots of peppers.  This was okay.  Didn't realize it would be deep fried.  I was pretty full from La Tripleta so it was okay that I didn't love this

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