Saturday, June 4, 2016

Dinner at Marea in NYC

For my birthday, Dan took me to Marea - a two-Michelin Star Italian restaurant near Columbus Circle.  The food was definitely very good, but nothing that would make me run to come back.  Also the service was just okay - definitely not something you'd expect from a two or even one Michelin rated place.  Too bad because I had really high hopes, especially for the octopus dish which kind of fell flat for me and was also very salty.  I still would definitely rather come back to L'Artusi.  Maybe we just had an off experience, but I wasn't quite as wow-ed as I thought I would be, or thought I should be considering how expensive it was.  We did the four course prix-fixe where you can put from various options.
Complimentary amuse bouche from the chef.  Forgot what it was

Foccacia bread with olive oil.  Nothing wrong with that

Can't remember what cocktails we got.  They were just okay though

Tasting of three crudo - Polipo (octopus, chili oil, lemon, and parsley), Vongole (geoduck clam, fresh chilis, lemon and hearts of palm) and Passera (long island fluke, beets, shallot, chili and tomato powder).  All were good but the fluke was out of this world

Astiche (w/upcharge) Nova Scotia lobster, burrata, eggplant al funghetto, and basil.  Really delicious.  Rich and creamy but not too much

Close up of the octopus

Close up of the geoduck clam

Close up of the fluke

I think this was a special pasta that clearly had squid ink involved.  It was delicious and much better than the dish below, which is why we came there and why Marea is so known

Fusilli with red wine braised octopus and bone marrow.  I mean it was good but very salty and the octopus taste wasn't as strong as I would've liked

Ippoglosso - roasted halibut, nettles, kohlrabi, spring onions and castelvetrano olives.  Dan got this and loved it , said it was the best halibut he's had

Capesante - seared sea scallops, fava beans, speck, ramps, and plums.  I will see these scallops were divine.  By far the best prepared scallops of my life.  Everything on the plate added something and I was shocked by how much I enjoyed the plums with the scallops.  Looking back on this, I might come back for this dish. But maybe for lunch when prices are cheaper haha

Panna Cotta - sicilian pistachio panna cotta, raspberry, rhubarb rose granita.  I loved the panna cotta but didn't understand the need for the fruit 

Bomboloni - espresso sugar donuts with honey ricotta and cherry jam sauces

Close up of the donuts.  Good but not as light and fluffy as say, malasadas.  The donuts from Flex Mussels are still my fav in the city for dipping

Complimentary marshmallow, chocolate and candy

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