Friday, June 24, 2016

Dinner at Left Bank Burger Bar in Jersey City, NJ

We had a burger craving so headed to Left Bank Burger Bar.  I am frequently intrigued by the burger battle so I got the winner of the prior week.  Delicious combo but the bagel made it a bit challenging to eat.  Everything we get there is always amazing but often end up leaving stuffed, as was the case this time.
Pork Rinds served with apple cider vinegar.  Delish and only $3

Chilltown Fries - butcher's chili, cheese, smoked bacon and jalapeno.  Delicious app.  The chili had great flavor and bacon chunks were large.  Just veryyy filling so made eating our burgers difficult

Chillmatic Burger - house blend burger, smoked bacon, lobster salad, house potato chip, mixed greens, tomato and red onion.  Dan got this and there was a ton going on.  The lobster was actually generous and had great flavor but I think maybe a little too much happening for it to be the star
Huge chips!

Lamb that Rocks da Bagel (Winner of the previous week) - Lamb patty, caramelized red onion, fresh avocado, smoked bacon, swiss cheese, garlic herb mayo and onion bagel.  Again, lots going on.  All the stuff on the bagel worked great together.  I think an onion roll would've made this killer but the bagel was too much to chew with all the toppings.  I ended up removing the bagel about half way through and just eating the insides

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