Thursday, June 9, 2016

Dinner from Gypsy Grill in Jersey City, NJ

Dan was craving some street meat so we decided to order from Gypsy Grill in JC.  We've never been there but pass it all the time on Newark Ave.  Not quite Halal Guys but solid food.  The lamb in particular was very good.  I found the chicken a little salty, and the falafel was not as memorable and a little bit dry.  But the spinach and feta roll was delicious - flaky dough and well seasoned inside.  White sauce was also good, though again not quite HG.  After all these years glad we finally tried it.
Chicken schwafel box - chicken schwarma, falafel, and salad over rice.  The falafel was a bit dry and just didn't do much for me, though the sesame seeds were something I've never seen.  The chicken had good flavor but was a little dry and also a tad too salty

Spinach and feta roll.  No complaints

Lamb and beef platter with salad over rice.  Hard to physically differentiate between the two meats, but I think the lamb was more juicy and flavorful

Many sauces and pita!  We ordered extra white sauce of course

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