Monday, June 6, 2016

Dinner from Sandwich Bar Express in Jersey City, NJ

A good truck with some great comfort food was parked right across the street from our apartment so we had to get some food.  The meal was tasty though not insanely memorable, and definitely not the healthiest.  I wish they had breakfast all day though as that menu was definitely something I want to try.
Finger Licking Good - buttermilk fried chicken, housemade slaw, creamy ranch and brioche. Sandwich Fries which had cheese sauce, bacon and scallions.  The sandwich was good but after eating so many fried chicken sandwiches recently, it was hard to compete.  Fries had great flavor but the fries themselves needed to be cooked more, at least one more time to be crispy

K Town Boogie - korean style bbq hangar, pickled cucumber and sriracha mayo.  This was my fav of the two sammies.  Really great flavor and didn't seem like anyone on the truck was Korean 

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