Friday, June 24, 2016

Dinner at 2nd City in NYC

Dan and I went to 2nd City, a new Filipino taqueria in the West Village.  The place is tiny, only about 10 seats total at the bar and surrounding area.  The menu is also small, though there are apparently a few things on a secret menu, which we took advantage of for dessert.  Everything we ate was delicious, and shockingly filling.  Definitely want to come back for brunch and to try the rest of the menu.  Best to come with only one other person because of the space issues.  They also don't have their liquor license yet but their calamansi juice was on point.  Loved the cheeky names of the dishes.  I forgot to take a photo of the sign outside, but it said something like "put buns in your mouth" HA.
Calamansi juice

Hot Fili Chick - 2 mini crispy chicken sandwiches with katsu calamansi dredge, mayo on potato roll.  Delicious sauce and a great bite

Poke Me - sushi grade tuna, sweet miso, coconut steamed rice, scallions, wontons, avocado, carrots and red onion.  Perfect combo of ingredients.  Loved the tuna in miso and the coconut rice made it even better

Nice Buns - 2 crispy fried pork belly bao buns, sweet and tangy pickles, scallions and bbq sauce.  Amazing baos

Secret menu item - Tap that Ube! 

Pandan cake (puto-like) with coconut buttercream and ube ice cream!  Apparently the ube ice cream is made for them by some place in Jersey...hmm...

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