Friday, June 3, 2016

Dinner at La Cueva Del Mar in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Because we were so full from our lunch, we thought we'd eat "lighter" and have some seafood. Unfortunately food is not light when it's deep fried ha.  So we ate more than we anticipated even though for us, we did not order that much.  I wish in retrospect we had just gotten other raw/ceviche-style things or things without breading or batter because I know the seafood was very fresh.  Next time.
The mini jarra of sangria.  Still a lot more than our tummies could handle

Two different empanadas and octopus salad.  Doesn't look like a lot, right?

Octopus salad - not the best I've had.  The texture/cut was a bit off.  Seemed more like mussels than octopus

Some kind of fish empanada

Another kind of seafood empanada?  Maybe tuna?  Super deep fried and very dense/filling inside

Combo Tacos - 2 fish, 2 shrimp.  They were MASSIVE.  Seriously one taco would've filled me up but all that other food too.  We couldn't do much after

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